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founded the 8th of july 1969 by composer,bandleader,arranger,vibrafonist,bassclarinetist;flutist,pianist,bariton-tenor-sopransaxophonist,flutist,percussionist,writer,painter,photographer,filmer,lecturer

1969 -2o14 =45 years birth records

"gunter hampel continues to be active at jazz leading edge "-all about jazz new york

"each new CD and DVD from gunter hampel are bulletins from the frontline of jazz" -

all about jazz new york


all items-listed-are available by mailorder -world-wide

                                         gunter hampel  LP+CD releases                                             CDs:DVDs:15,95 € + mailing 2 € (germany) ,4 € international  -LPs:25 € +mailing,depending on weight                                                  -to some countries additional handsigned delivery only-which varies between 4 and 6 or more €

SABA MPS LP / CD / CDR -HEARTPLANTS gunter hampel-manfred schoof-alex v schlippenbach-buschie niebergall-pierre courbois 1965 down beat **** 4 stars

the first awakening 1964- available on LP -mint with original cover or LP /mint with crystal cover LP                   with out cover CD - as reprint import from japan € 7o + mailing-                                                                                    or CDR- 15,99 + mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-ESP USA LP/CD MUSIC FROM EUROPE gunter hampel-willem breuker-p hein veening-pierre courbois 1966the first recording with the GUNTER HAMPEL compositions in the USA. the first european ensemble on ESP laying the ground  yes we still have a few original mint LPs ! 12o € and the CD from ESP   15,99 € + mailing/germany 2€ international 4€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WERGO LP GUNTER HAMPEL GROUP + JEANNE LEE gunter hampel-willem breuker-pierre courbois 1968                                                                                                                                           we have CDR for 15,99 €+mailing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth oo1 LP -CD THE 8TH OF JULI 1969 gunter hampel-jeanne lee-anthony braxton-steve mccall-willem breuker 1969 im moment nur als CD lieferbar only CDs left original birth CD release with digipack only a few left 3o € + mailing in germany 2 € - international 4 €             CDR 15,95 € + mailing 2 € germany- 4 € international (world) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth oo2 LP/CD DANCES gunter hampel solo LP-CD 1969 famous 1.solo lp vibes-fl,bcl,p LP+CD down nbeat ***** 5 stars  original LP pressing from 1969 = 25 € +  mailing                                                                                               CDR= 15,95 €+ mail --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth LP oo3 BALLET_SINFONIE gunter hampel-jeanne lee-jack gregg-bob moses-maxine gregg rec in nyc                                            nur collectors item only 2 collectors items left ! 55 € + mailing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth oo5 LP PEOPLE SINFONIE-gunter hampel-jeanne lee-willem breuker-willem v manen-jack gregg-maxine gregg live at frankfurter jazz festival 197o jahrhunderthalle db*****                                                                                                LP---25 € + mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP oo6 ESPACE great altoclarinet ,balafon- flute + guitar gunter hampel-boulou ferre guitar live+studio in st tropez+paris incredible duos with guitar , hampel on flute-vibrafone-ballafon, alto clarinet in Eb -the flute duett is been rewarded as one of the major flute-guitar works by the musikworld--1971 LP---original LP a few left 25 € + mailing,CDR 15,95 €----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP/CDR oo7 SPIRITS live at WKCR RADIO NEW YORK gunter hampel-jeanne lee-perry robinson db******                                                  LP 25 € -- CDR 15,99 € + mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth oo8 LP/CDR FAMILIE live at theatro mouffetard in st.germain paris 1972 -gunter hampel-jeanne lee-anthony braxton LP+CD---an incredible masterpiece a most rare meeting--highly recommended only a few LPs left 3o € + mail ,           CDR 15,95 €+mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth oo9 ANGEL live at WKCR NYC gunter hampel first galaxie dream band recording afterbeing THE sensation on the US-NEW YORK scene 1969- w.jeanne lee-perry robinson-daniel carter-mark whitecage-jack gregg-enrico rava-john shea-paul buoillet-muruga 1972                                                                                           LP- 25 € + mail---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o1o LP/CDR WALTZ FOR UNIVERSES IN A CORRIDOR live WKCR trio gunter hampel-jeanne lee-toni marcus, violin live recording from WKCR new york columbia university radio station nur 1 expl als collectors item , ask for price ,als CDR erhältlich---15,95 €+mail---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth o11 LP/CDR BROADWAY/ FOLKSONG studio nyc galaxie dream band -gunter hampel-jeanne lee-mark whitecage-toni markus-allan praskin-jack gregg-david eyges-john shea-paul bouilet - no drums 1972 new york studio recording on broadway collectors item - ask for price ,db*****                                                                       CD -R 15,95 + mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP o12 I LOVE BEING WITH YOU studio nyc same personal as o11 LP, LP 25 € + mailing                                                                                            +CD-R 15,95 + mailing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth o13 LP -UNITY-DANCE rec in göttingen gunter hampel galaxie dream band jeanne lee-jack gregg-mark whitecage-allan praskin-jonathan kline violin-david eyges cello 1972 only a few left -ask for price rare collectors item----------------------------------------------------------------birth LP o16 OUT FROM UNDER small units from galaxie dream band new york orchestra jeanne lee-perry robinson mark whitecage-thomas keyserling-allan praskin-john dearth-jonathan kline-marty cook-john wolf                                                 1972 LP 25 € + mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP o17 JOURNEY TO THE SONG WITHIN gunter hampel new york orchestra sunny murray dm same person as o16 LP THE GUNTER HAMPEL GALAXIE BIG BAND + SUNNY MURRAY a historic studio session innew york city *****1972 LP 25€+mailing +CD-R 15,95 €---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth DOUBLE LP € 37,5o o21/22 CELEBRATIONS galaxie dream band in europe jeanne lee-perry robinson-allan praskin-thomas keyserling-jack gregg-rabold-martin bues dm DOPPEL LP ENDKAUFSPREIS                                                                                    37,5o €--+mailing----------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP o23 RUOMI SONGS FOR MY SUN SON sextet 1974 studio recording in cologne ,germanyhampel-keyserling-praskin-rabold-jack gregg-bues          LP- 25 €+mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP o24 COSMIC DANCER -gunter hampel-jeanne lee-perry robinson-steve mcCall- db-jazzpollwinners galaxie dream band core + masterdrummer steve mcCall from chicago !!!!!!!!1975 studio recording in new york by george clabin broadway NYC           LP 25 € + mailing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth LP o25 ENFANT TERRIBLE gunter hampel galaxie dream band + anthony braxton LP jeanne lee-perry robinson-mark whitecage-thomas keyseling-jack gregg-martin bues dmrecorded in woodstock at carla bley's studio 1975 by mike mantler- another great LP of the GALAXIE DREAM BAND meeting ANTHONY BRAXTON , playing the musik of gunter hampe                                                                                                     LP 25 €+mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth LP o26 TRANSFORMATION live recording at frankfurt jazz festival galaxie dream band + manfred schoof with jeanne lee 1976 perry robinson-keyserling-gregg bues-rabold                                                                                         db**** LP 25 € + mailing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth LP o27 THAT CAME DOWN ON ME live-BERLIN JAZZ FESTIVAL -philharmonic hall 1978 LP *****  hampel-jeanne lee-p robinson-mark whitecage-martin bues LP 25 € + mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      

-birth LP o28 ALL IS REAL galaxie dream band -jeann lee-perry robinson-mark whitecage-thomas keyserling-martin bues studio recording  zuckerfabrik stuttgart  LP 25 € +   mailing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- birth LP o29 VOGELFREI-BIRDFREE gunter hampel-perry robinson-thomas keyserling-martin bues -studio recorded at zuckerfabrik stuttgart                             LP 25 € +mailing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth LP o3o FREEDOM OF THE UNIVERS gunter hampel-jeanne lee DUO LP recorded live at woodstock creative music studio live in concert + live at the kitchen in new york city                                                                                                       LP 25 € + mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP o31 ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD BE IF CHARLES MINGUS WAS YOUR DADDY -LP+CD galaxie dream band live in göttingen -goethe institut 198o hampel-lee-robinson-whitecage-keyserling-bues " i had given a copy to Danny Richmand and his comment was : one of the best MINGUS dedications he ever heard !! LP 25 € + mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP o32 A PLACE TO BE WITH US galaxie dream band hampel-lee-keyserling-bues LP studio bauer in ludwigsburg rec by martin wieland                                        25€ + mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth LP o33 LIFE ON THIS PLANET galaxie dream band hampel-lee-robinson-whitecage -keyserling bues LP    rec at studio bauer, ludwigsburg by martin wieland LP 25 € +mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth LP +CD o34 CAVANA world community orchestra hampel-lee-robinson-keyserling-bues-attig-+orchestra-first digit recording LP+CD studio bauer-ludwigsburg by martin wieland rec. db*****                                                           LP 25 € + mail CD-R 15,95 € + mailing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth LP +CD o35 GENERATOR world community orchestra 2.part of o34                                                                                                 LP 25,-€ CD-R 15,95------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth LP o36 COMPANION gunter hampel-jeanne lee-thomas keyserling great trio recording LP studio  bauer by martin wieland                                                          LP 25 €+mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth CD o37 GEMINI gunter hampel-marion brown DUO great rare collector s item  recorded by martin wieland studio bauer ,LP COLLECTORS ITEM ,ask for price -                                                                                                             CD 25 €+mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP+CD o38 JUBILATION GUNTER HAMPEL ALL STARS 1983 hampel-marion brown-jeanne lee-barre phillips-steve mcCall-albert mangelsdorff-manfred schoof-perry robinson-thomas keyserlingm.wieland studio bauer als CD und einige LPs als collectors item. LP ask for price CD 25 €+mailing CD-R 15,95 + mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth LP+CD o39 FRESH HEAT GUNTER HAMPEL NEW YORK ORCHESTRA -live at sweet basil LP+CD gunter hampel-jeanne lee-marvin smitty smith-perry robinson-kyoto fujiwara-bob hanlon-lucky ennet-thomas keyserling-bill frisell-bob stewart tuba,art jenkins voc-curtis fowlkes tb-steven haynes tp, awsome ORCHESTRA live in new york

                                                    LP 25 € + mailing CD 25 € + mailing - CD-R 15,95 € +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

fmp LP 7o7o WELLEN/WAVES solo LP 198o ,berlin germany , vibes,fl,bcl,baritonsax LP only a few left                                                                                      LP 35 € + mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 45 r/p popular series 45 oo1  recorded 1974 e new found in our archives !!!! GALAXIE GYPSY BAND 1974 with GUNTER HAMPEL-JACK GREGG bass-ALLAN PRASKIN as-THOMAS KEYSERLING ts and flute-FREDERIC RABOLD tp-MARTIN BUES dm  a 45 r/p LP 18 cm -SONNENSTRAHLEN from birth LP o23 RUOMI+unpublished .....UND NOCH EIN BIER          LP 18 cm 2o € + mailing 2€ in germany or 4 € international------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

from here on we have CDs (no more LPs)

birth o4o CD CELESTIAL GLORY live knitting factory -galaxie dream band db****hampel,lee,robinson,whitecage,keyserling this is one of the most amazing recordings , our first birth records CD release ! featuring jeanne lee !!!!!!!! 15,95 €+mail-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth o41 CD TIME IS NOW live at ELDENA JAZZ FESTIVAL gunter hampel-mike dietz guitar-jürge attig bass, heinrich köbberling dm ------------there also exists a video , we can get to you,                                                                                                                      -CD 15.95 + mail-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth o42 CD DIALOG gunter hampel-mathias schubert ts-live at EDENA jazz festival 15.95 + --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth o43 CD THE HIGHER DIMENSION NEXT GENERATION gunter hampel christian weidner as,shaun vargas,mike dietz guitar, ruomi lee hampel rap,one soul rap,p,b,dm studio hannover 15,95 €+mail---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o44 CD SOLID FUN gunter hampel-christian weidner as live -jazz festival auerbach jazznight 1995                                                                  CD15,95--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o45 CD LEGENDARY gunter hampel"heartplants" quintet ,alex schlippenbach-manfred schoof,pierre courbois dm, arjen gorter bass 1997 köln live at the TRIENNALE KÖLN                                                                      CD                               15,95 €+mail--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o47+48 CDs NEXT GENERATION live TRIENNALE KÖLN stadtgarten,gunter hampel-christian weidner ,smudo rap-clemens orth keybords + voice-shaun vargas voice,magnolia voice, gerrit juhnke dm,jaro b 1997                                 CD o47 15,95 € CD o48 15,95 €-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o49 CD THE 8TH of september 1999 gunter hampel sextet in new york nils wogram,christian weidner studio and live at the knitting factory CD 15,95 € + mail-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            

birth o53 CD LIVE at the B-FLAT in BERLIN GUNTER HAMPEL TRIO christian weidner, gerrit juhnke dm------------------------------------------------------------1999 15.95 +mail

birth o57 CD BRIGHT SPOTS gunter hampel trio live at the schmiede, düsseldorf -weidner-juhnke 1999---------------------------------------------------------------------€ 15,95 +mail

birth o59 CD 9-11 SURVIVER WORLD TRADE CENTER live at the apex,gh, nils wogram-christian weidner--gunter happened to be an eyewitness of 9-11 world trade center in new york. the music he composed while in downtown isolation is dedicated to the victims of the political intrigues +was recorded at göttingens apex jazzclub  with nils wogram + christian weidner        € 15,95+2€ germany-4€ international------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o61 CD JAZZLIFE sampler birth for radio play :hampel,weidner,clemens orth-+excerpts from birth o38,o39,o47,o48 jeanne lee-marion brown-steve mccall-barre phillips-+big band new york (live at sweet basil                                                                              € 15,99------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o66 CD CHALLENGE OF THE NOW live at knitting factory ,hampel perry robinson ,lou grassi 2oo2  intimate concert                                 €15,95+ 2€ germany-4 € international mail--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth CDR  o412o2 EMISSIONS gunter hampel european trio ,johannes schleiermacher ts,bernd oezsevim dm live recording from the jazzloft in köln 2oo4 - check also our DVD section for more dokus on this great new band , starting form 2ooo , the new century ! which by now has an incredible status in the worls for being one of the best TEAMS Gunter Hampel had the favor to put together: european trio !         CDR 15,95+ 2€ germany-4€ international
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth o7o721 STELLAR DUST gunter hampel-vibes+bcl+flute johannes schleiermacher tenorsaxophone DUO 2oo7 a most wonderfull duo release , recorded in studio lovelight in berlin july 21st 2oo7-this Duo was enthusiatic recepted at the berlin jazz festival when GH received the GERMAN JAZZ AWARD 2oo7                        CDR 15,95+2€+4€ international--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o8o422 VIBES VIBES gunter hampel solo vibrafon ,new york 2oo8 record of the year by all about jazz recorded in studio 2oo8 a very relaxed and rare unique new vibrafon music -masterpiece recorded in new jersey USA                        CDR 15,95 + 2 €+4€ international--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth o81218 THANK YOU gh EUROPEAN QUARTET live theaterkapelle berlin 2oo8hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim 2 CD set -the european trio + the very first appearance of danish bassplayer andreas lang, first gig 2oo8                                                                                   15,99 €+mailing 2€ germany 4€ international           ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth o9o217 CD LIFER gunter hampel SOLO CONCERT in NEW YORK at ESP nigth , vibes,bcl,fl this is GH most remarkable live DVD a SOLO performance at the bowery's poetry club on double bill with guiseppe logan a very convincing performance filmed by ruomi lee hampel 5 stars available as DVD or CD each 15,99 €+ 2 € germany+4 € international ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-birth 2 CD o9o726 NOWNESS GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO live recording from texel, island in the netherlands-holland at klif 12 , 2 CD set hampel,schleiermacher ,oezsevim an awsome take off of an unit extra ordinair                              15,95 €+2€+4€ international--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth CD o91oo5 TRANSPARENT gunter hampel european quartet gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher- andreas lang-bernd oezsevim 2oo9 studio recording in new york after live at 269 club in new york+ after breathtaking concerts in philadelphia, richmond and washington at the NOIZE festival (see youtube)                           15,95 € +2 € +4 € international mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth CD o9o93o THE ESSENCE GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK SEPTET( QUARTET + 3 NEW YORKers-studio recording in new york-brooklyn 2oo9 ! great review at all about new yorkgunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim-steve swell- sabir mateen-daniel carter 2oo9 rec in NYC a european-new york septett -studio recorded by jason                         15,99 € + 2 € mail in germany-4€ mailing international --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

new release on CD 2o11

birth 2 CDoder 2 DVD 11o728 GENTLE JOY GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN -NEW YORK SEPTET 2.set upstairs at the Apex , july 2o11,28th 2 CDs remixed and mastered at studio Rainer Robben, Berlin ,gunter hampel-steve swell-tb-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher,andreas lang, bernd oezsevim, maya magdalena dance .rec live DVD soundtrack studio uplifted -also on 

2 DVDs oder 2 CDs                                  je   15,95 + 2 € germany,4€ international

new release on CD 2o12

birth 2 CD or 2DVD 12o131 PERCEPTIONS at 227 HAMBURG ALTONA GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK-AUSTRALIAN QUINTET -cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-mike majkowski-bernd oezsevim-gunter hampel january 31st,live at bar 227.live soundtrack from 2DVDset   15,95 €  for 2 CDs or DVDs +2 € mail,4€ international-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 CD or 2DVD 12o2o1 something living-something real -live at the essbar hamburg 1.februar 2o12GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK-AUSTRALIAN QUINTET -cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-mike majkowski-bernd oezsevim 15,95 €--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 CD or 2 DVD 12o311 TRAILBLAZER -live at the famous b-flat jazzclub in Berlin Germany march 11 th , 2o12 -brandnew -very hot and alive release -remixed at studio R.Robben,berlin THE GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK-KOPENHAGEN QUINTET is now on the scene since 12 years ! 3 germans one danish bassplayer from kopenhagen and a young lady from new york ,Cavana-Lee-Hampel are trailblazing their way through what we thaught we know it all and bring an amazing interplay which again brings us another milestone of new jazzplaying, gunter hampel is presenting to us since 1958 when he surprised the jazzscene with his first original music jazzband. no matter where you place hampel's position in the creative jazzfield, his is a joyous uplifting force only a great master can contribute. this band is absolutely a TEAM of the highest jazz caliber which obviously has it all: talent, swing and the jazzfreedom of ceating the human feeling of togetherness only a family, a team, a working unit, kindred spirits, close friends and most of all, very, very gifted and talented jazzmusicians can offer, by playing their music, they are sharing their love of playing the music of NOW with the listener. enjoy these rare and bright moments you'll find on these 2 CDs and 2 DVDs " joe access

gunter hampel vibrafon,bassclarinet,flute,cavana lee hampel voice,johannes schleiermacher ts,bs,andreas lang b,bernd oezsevim dm !--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth CD 12o8o6 GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY : JOY +PLEASURE ENERGIE BEYOND AGGRESSION nightclub jazz show for earthlings in tune with the universal life force CD remastered and remixt at studio Rainer Robben in Berlin also available as 2 DVD set

gunter hampel vibrafon, bassclarinet,flute,composer,instant composing + conducting, maya magdalena dance,ruomi lee hampel dance,cavana lee hampel voice, johannes schleiermacher ts, andreas langbass, bernd oezsevim dm, filmed by th. adamicka + ruomi lee hampel, live at the knochenbox at the grave side of the theaterkapella in berlin, friedrichshain ,germany, a very enthusiatic audience and a fresh ongoing sensational super performance , very alive !!                                       15,95 € for 2 CDs or 2 DVDs + mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

new 2o13

birth 2 CD or 2 DVD 13o121 APPROACHABLE .GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET with gunter hampel-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang- bernd oezsevim -live at the b-flat in berlin - --2 CDsor 2 DVDs          15,95 € + MAILING

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth CD or DVD 13o5o4 completely open GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO -gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-bernd oezsevim im Schloß ,Celle may 4 th, 2o13 -live in front of a very enthusiastic audience at the castle of ancient Celle                        15,95 €+mailing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 13o9o6 mindfullness GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUARTET "live at the Apex, Göttingen 2o13 gunter hampel vibes,bcl,fl, johannes schleiermacher ts-cavana lee hampel voice-bernd oezsevim dm                             2 DVDs 15,95 € +2€+4€ international

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth 2 CDRs 13o9o7 open the door to gentleness 2 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUARTET live at the erfurt jazzclub -a vibrant live club concert. Bert Noglik:" dear gunter,THANK YOU for keeping the music : we call jazz: ALIVE ! THANK YOU for your tireless commitment and your creative impulses THANK YOU, that you involve youngsters and turn them on for this music ! I see in it large signs of encouragement, a leading the way which raises the spirits. your new double CD ,open the door to gentleness 2,is magnificent !.sincere greetings !"                     2 CDR 15,95 € +2€ germany+4€ international---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth CDR 131222 holy lights+human rights "live from WKCR -NEW YORK -COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY RADIO STATION-broadcast live in the metropolitan area + in the internet worldwide ! read bruce lee's G.overwhelming review on www.gunterhampelmusic.de!                                             15,95 € + mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   

   new CD releases 2o14     


birth 2 CDRs or 2 DVDRs  14o311 fukushima  live from the GUNTER HAMPEL FESTSPIELE BERLIN 2o14  from an atomic shelter in westberlin . a concert for the reminder of the recent  fukushima affair of atomic reactor burst in japan.an most amazing performance including the "baby dance" and others as another unique, never repeatable, authentic performance of the incredible, GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY, the only of it's kind in this world.hampel-cardoso-schleiermacher-cavana lee hampel-bernd oeszsevim

                                                                                                                                               birth 2 CDRs / 2 DVDs 14o312 1+2  PSYCHEDELIC LULLABY FOR ARTIFICIAL BABIES  live from the GUNTER HAMPEL FESTSPIELE (FESTIVAL) in BERLIN 2o14  march 12 th ,at villa kuriosum .gunter hampel vibes,bcl,flute-danilo cardoso dance-cavana lee hampelvoice-johannes schleiermacher tenorsaxophone-bernd oezsevim dm.read more at www.gunterhampelmusic.de, the latest, the newest ,an incredible enlightning evening  with the GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY ; PLAYING THE TIGHTEST and most alive music - a new adventure in Hampel's music , in one of berlin's insider places you only find when you are a "berliner" we advise you to take both: the DVD for SEEING and the CD for being on the road and get enlightened.    2CD or 2 DVD for 15,95 € each set + mailing 2€ germany-4€ international


GUNTER HAMPEL DVDs-61 live-performances


DVDs give you an authentic look and include you into a live concert

as if you were there , being part of a historic jazz event

birth records has also chosen the most state of the art SONY cameras available and we have mounted the fantastic schoeps studio mikes to make the most documentary from live events

from all over the world. these live events are much more fresh and vital than any studio performances. these rare and on the spot documents are already historic evidence of te great music gunter and his bands have been playing since 1954 , documented on birth records.


1973 !: rare rediscovery of a video-filmed live performance of the one and only galaxie dream band !!!!

2 CDRs or 2 DVDs 73ooo SHAPELIFTERS ! THE GUNTER HAMPEL GALAXIE DREAM BAND          from 1973 read recension by new york jazz record on www.gunterhampelmusic.de from march 2o14 !! JEANNE LEE voc-GUNTER HAMPEL bassclarinet,contrabassclarinet, altoclarinet , piano,flute,vibrafon, PERRY ROBINSON clarinet, MARK WHITECAGE altosax+altoclarinet-ALLAN PRASKIN altosax, clarinet, TONI MARCUS violin, DAVID EYGES cello, JACK GREGG bassviolin, sensational studio recording                               2CDR or 2 DVD 15.95 € +2 € germany 4€ international


sensational findings : a 1983 columbia university in new york -students TV representation - now on 3 DVDs !!

birth 3 DVD 83o515 JOURNEY TO EDANARES –

3 DVD SET BRANDNEW 48,9o € plus 2,5o € shippin in germany 4,5o € international airmail-prepaid brandnew !!!!!!!!!!!


birth DVD 981126 TRANCE PERCEPTION live at VIELHARMONIE BONN,perry robinson,christian weidner,clemens orth,ali beierbach-jaro bass-gerrit juhnke dm,magnolia voice,phunky child poetry rap,tachi,suli 1998 this is GUNTER HAMPEL NEXT GENERATION live- at their best with guest stars like perry robinson, suli and tachi a memorable live event with the great compositions and bandleader and solowork of GH and his NEXT GENERATION from 1998                                                          DVD 15,95 € + mail


birth DVD 98o524 live OSNABRÜCK altstadfest GUNTER HAMPEL NEXT GENERATION -hampelvibes,bcl,fl -magnolia-christian weidner altosaxophone -clemens orth piano -jaro bassgerrit -juhnke-dm-funky child poetry rap 1998                                                                                                                                                                                              DVD 15,95 €+mail


birth DVD 99o9o4 CATERING GUNTER HAMPEL SEXTET nils wogram-christian weidner-clemens orth,sabu,sadiq dm live at the knitting factory new york 1999                                          15,95 € + mail


birth DVD oo1o25 live new york city knitting factory GUNTER HAMPEL SEXTET dimitry baefski as,art barron tb,clemens orth p,wilbur morris b,lou grassi dm  2ooo                      15,95 €+mail


birth DVD oo11o4 live at the TONNE ,dresden GUNTER HAMPEL NEXT GENERATION gunter hampel-christian weidner-magnolia-funky child-clemens orth-jaro- gerrit juhnke dm 2ooo                                                                                                     15,95 €+mailing


birth DVD o2o2o7 LECTURE with music+dance at theGEORGA AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY GÖTTINGEN aula wilhelm platz,

lecture by gunter hampel ,symposium "the long lasting quality effect of an master improvisation (in german)

 +gunter hampel vibes,bcl,fl,christian weidner as, gerrit juhnke dm prince alegs dance 2oo2                                                                                                                              15,95 €+mail


birth DVD o2o5o4 GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY the crew,sticks,horns and dance..2oo2 gunter hampel-christian weidner-gerrit juhnke -prince alegs dance live at jazz festival murnau.                                                                                             15,95 € + mail


birth DVD o2o8o5 NEW YORK STREETWISE :GUNTER HAMPEL+PRINCE ALEGS live on the streets downtown in new york, filmed by Ruomi-Lee-Hampel 2oo2   15,95 + mail


birth DVD o2o918 New York live at TONIC :GUNTER HAMPEL NEW YORK TRIO perry robinson-lou grassi presented by John Zorn , + hersch silverman poetry 2oo2-                          15,95 € + mail



GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY hampel-weidner-bernd oezsevim-prince alegs+hichem dance 2oo2  -welcome bernd oezsevim !!                                                    15,95 €+mail


birth DVD o21128 SMILING ENERGY II live at dance festival TRIER                                             GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY -gunter hampel-christian weidner-bernd oezsevim -prince alegs-hichem 2oo2                                                                                                                    15,95€+mail


birth DVD o3o315 BUFFALO  USA  march 15,2oo3 usa tour GUNTER HAMPEL NEW YORK TRIO hampel-perry robinson-lou grassi. live at hallwalls in buffalo upstate                             15,95 + mail


birth DVD o3o511 2. GUNTER HAMPEL FESTSPIELE.2oo3  live im otto hahn gymnasium             GUNTER HAMPEL NEW YORK TRIO+ GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-perry robinson-christian weidner-lou grassi-bernd oezsevim, prince alegs, hichem 2oo3------------------------------------                                                                                                       15,95+mail---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD o3o526 HILLARIOUS JOY ! VISION JAZZ FESTIVAL NEW YORK 2oo3 GUNTER HAMPEL GALAXIE DREAM BAND +MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-perry robinson-mark whitecage-lou grassi-hersch silverman-ruomi lee hampel -prince alegs 2oo3 vision jazz festival in new york 2oo3                                                                                                                          15,95 €+mail


birth DVD o3o7o5 HOPPIN * POPPIN` in mannheim GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY welcoming Johannes Schleiermacher ts ! vadim laktionov tp -bernd oezsevim-prince alegs-hichem 2oo3                                                15,95 €+mail


birth DVD o3o712 ELDENA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2oo3 -conference GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live ,hampel-magnolia-johannes schleiermacher-sven decker-bernd oezsevim-prince alegs-hichem                             "eine truppe die so unter strom steht, wünscht man sich jedem jazz genre "jazzzeitung                                                                                                       15,95 € +mail


birth DVD o31oo4 THE WAY OUT -live at lkh göttingen GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY hampel-schleiermacher-oezsevim-prince alegs-hichem-alex dance  2oo3                                                                                                                        15,95 €+mail


birth DVD o4117 ON FIRE ESSEN jo jazz festival GUNTER HAMPELMUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY hampel-schleiermacher-decker-oezsevim-prince alegs-hichem live 2oo4     15.95 € +mail


birth DVD o4o918 JUST IN TIME -kulturnacht at STAATSTHEATER BRAUNSCHWEIG hampel-schleiermacher-oezsevim + 5 dancers: prince alegs-hichem-kai-tim-bennie- filmed by eddie klaus ! 2oo4 great performance on huge theaterspace THE MUSIC + DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY at it's best in the breakdance center braunschweig 2oo4 !                                                         15,95 €


birth DVD o412o3 @ingrids birthday party cafe ada wuppertal GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIOhampel-schleiermacher-oezsevim 2oo4-avery intimate and family typ of performance in wuppertal at cafe ada upstairs                                                                                                       15,95+mailing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD o412o4 PLAY WITH ME live at the bauhaus dessau GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY filmed by eddie klaus ! 2oo4--one day later , the inner circle of the music and dance company delivers one of their breaking through performances, new territory, new and fresh ideas and an incredible teamwork , a really unity performance : gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-bernd oezsevom, prince alegs, hichem ,gtrendsetters-----------------------                                 15,95 €+mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth DVD o51oo6 PROCESSION -LIVE CONCERT AT KAMPNAGEL THEATRES HAMBURG 2oo5

a UNICEF supported , 45 musicians and dancers project of a 1o days workshop with GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY 4 sold out concerts ! gunter hampel-prince alegs,hichem-schleiermacher-oezsevim "fantastic concert,+ 45 young musicians and dancers from columbia,CSSR and hamburg who had the lucky chance to work ,rehearse and learn with this fabulous band and become a huge TEAM and deliver in this performance a century work of international "come together  "a paedagogic master stroke" DIE WELT 2oo5  look at www.gunterhampelmusic.de  the recensions !                                                                                                            15,95 €+mailing


birth DVD o6o6o2 FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH -JUNGBRUNNEN - live at ACADEMY OF THE ARTS, berlin.germany 2oo6 GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY 2oo6hampel-prince alegs-hichem-schleiermacher-oezsevim in concert + exhibition of GH paintings filmed by eddie klaus ! this performance was by far the most fresh and advanced contribution to an otherwise lame free jazz reminiscence of a style. hampel's new band and new fresh concepts was the highlite and only evolution.  Roy campbell:"gunter is already there where we all want to get to someday. he is way ahead from us all, as always"---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 €+mailing

birth 2 DVD o71214 COMMUNICATIVE ENCOUNTERS GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY at JUNGES THEATER GÖTTINGEN-filmed+edited by robert kern und sebastian walther .hampel-schleiermacher-oezsevim-prince alegs 2oo7 a maste rperformance with the great lights of a great theater company. making this journey an everlasting conribution to the evolution of music and dance------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 €+ mailing-----------------

birth DVD o8o1o7 ALL IS ONE live jazzclub hannover jan 7th 2oo8 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO-hampel-schleiermacher-oezsevim 2oo8-a unique jazzclub performance ,probably the most advanced music performance the traditional jazzclub has ever seen                                               15,95+mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD o8o7o5 MAJOR GLOW gunter hampel music+dance improvisation company -live at kulturnacht staatstheater braunschweig :hampel-schleiermacher-oezsevim prince alegs-hichem-bboy cemill-tom-vadim filmed by eddie klaus 2oo8------another highlite meeting in the city of breakdance at the theater 15.95+mail-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD o8o822 live OFFSIDE JAZZ FESTIVAL GELDERN ,germany 2oo8 GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-julius gabriel-bernd oezsevim-prince alegs-hichem-tom-bboy cemill -LIVE ON STAGE- great stuff ! filmed by robert kern- outside jazzfestival on a rainy day, that did not stop the COMPANY to deliver freshly       15,95 €-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD o81oo9 FULMINATE -GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO live at the b-flat BERLIN ------HAMPEL-SCHLEIERMACHER OEZSEVIM ! filmed by Robert Kern 2oo8-this is a report from the evolution of this incredible unit. like all the other units gunter hampel had the favor to lead in the past, like the gunter hampel quintet 1964-66 , the gunter hampel group 1966-1969 ,the galaxie dream band 1969-2oo3,has the gunter hampel european trio ,founded in the year 2ooo has now been lasting till 2o14 and is still continuing to grow, and delivering in each performance a new step in their evolution and in the evolution of gunter hampel's music, who continues to write , compose his original compositions with which the evolutions gets fresh new concepts from which to play from.do not miss any of birth records publication, cause here you participate in the evolution of jazzmusic !                                          15,95 €+ mailing           ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD/CD o9o217 LIFER GUNTER HAMPELs famous and sensational SOLO performance,live at ESP night presentation at bowery poetry club in new york city 2oo9 ,on double bill with guiseppe loogan whi is pictured in a small interview at the end of the performance GH: vibraphone,bassclarinet,flute-filmed by Ruomi-Lee-Hampel 2oo9  more reviews on www.gunterhampelmusic.de      CD/orDVD          15,95 €-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD o9o422 live NEW HORIZON , GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANYlive AT THEATER KAPELLE ,BERLIN   FRIDRICHSHAIN hampel,schleiermacher,lang,oezsevim ,prince alegs,hichem,tom" this performance prooves again, jazz is an ageless music" bert vuisje NL 2oo9 filmed by kern-walther                          15,95 €+mailing       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD o9o623 THE WARRIOR live at the theatre 3room in Hannover ,germany after gunter hampel recieved the medal of honor of the german federal republic for creating his incomparable music  and excellent world wide success as an international artist, of the jazz evolution .hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim ,alegs, tom . filmed by ruomi lee hampel 2oo9 a wonderfull music event in a relaxed athmosphere of listeners                                         15,95 +mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD o9o83o LIVING LOVE GROWING ,GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY august 3oth,2oo9 koblenz,cafe hahn.hampel schleiermacher,lang oeszevim,prince alegs,hichem,tom,cemill, filmed by funky child 2oo9 .the final concert after a 3 day workshop with children (there is a clip on youtube from the workshop- we can also make you a copy from the workshop tapes-) 15,95 € + mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD o91oo6 ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET live NEW YORK at the yippie cafe, east village off bowery, gnter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim, filmed by sebastian walther 2oo9----------------------------15,95 €+mailing                                       -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD o91o29 WINDHORSE GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANYjazz festival göttingen , opening performance at APEX .gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang- bernd oezsevim , prince alegs dance , filmed by necati pala 2oo9----                15,95 €+ mailing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 1oo122 PLAYFULLNESS live at insider theatre-club SUPAMOLLY ,berlin friedrichshainGUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim , prince alegs, filmed by robert kern 2o1o--the company is having a huge success in one of Berlin's insider dance theatre discos-hard to find place i friedrichshain if you are not an"insider" but they love this unit there-----and here yoi can watch it, uncut and raw     15,95 €+mail

birth 2 DVD 1oo311 GENUINE CONTRIBUTION GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET feat. gunter hampel-matthias schubert ts,andreas lang b,bernd oezsevim dm live at the goethe bunker , Essen.a sold out performance , filmed by sven decker 2o1o----with Matthias  , who is playing with gunter now well over 35 years !! there are actually a couple of videos we have not published , on VHS tapes from the 7o s, if you... care......                                                                                                                  15,95 € +mail

birth 2 DVD 1oo418 furious-heftig GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO gunter hampel-johannes schleirmacher-bernd oezsevim "europe's best live - act " SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG  ,munich, germany 2o1o----------------------                                                                                       15,95+mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 1oo515 TRUE POWER GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET live at jazzwerkstatt-cafeBERLIN gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim "the best concert we ever had in here", sold out performance 2o1o-        a few copies left,one is waiting for you     15,95 €-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 1oo6o2 THE MAGIC OF BASIC GOODNESS GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher, andreas lang, bernd oezsevim , prince alegs in the old chapelle theaterkapelle with the ultimate sound 2o1o,Berlin 2o1o      15,95€---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 1oo6o2 SWINGING AND HEALING GUNTER HAMPEL SOLO PERFORMANCE AT THE 1.ESP-ALBERT AYLER JAZZ FESTIVAL IN NEW YORK 2o1o july 1o.th GUNTER HAMPEL vibes, fl, bassclarinet filmed by Ruomi-Lee-Hampel 2o1o----------------------------------------15,95 €-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 1oo828 FEARLESSNESS GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY at the KULTURNACHT BAUNSCHWEIG STAATSTHEATER GROSSES HAUS 4oo people in the audience and an enlarged cast : gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim-cavana lee hampel voice, marya voice, prince alegs-dennis-tom-simon- dance, filmed by eddie claus ! 2o1o-a wonderfull performance, back at the old staatstheater in braunschweig  with an enlarged dance crew    15,95+mail-----------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 1oo91o ETERNAL BLAZE GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-matthias schubert ts-bastian duncker as-andreas lang bass,bernd oezsevim dm, prince alegs+ bboy cemill dance . super -concert as part of a 3 day children workshop at stellwerk harburg 2o1o after a 3 day workshop in hamburg the crew delivers a very unique journey on top of the railroad station in harburg in one of the last performances in the jazzclub                           15,95 +mailing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 1oo918 UNCONDITIONAL CONFIDENCE -GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTETlive at "media campus" LEIPZIG ; SEPT 18th 2o1o gunter hampel-johannes schleirmacher ts-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim dm ,filmed by sebastian walther . fresh and moving. the best band around -all about jazz nyc 2o1o amazing,fresh and as always a next step , being in the NOW                    15,95 €+mail---------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 1o1o31 GESPRÄCHSKONZERT/CONVERSATION-CONCERT -live in english - at the stadtgarten in cologne jazz festival oct 31 , 2o1o GUNTER HAMPEL+STUART NICHOLSON GB filmed by LST da funky child 1 hour conversation-like interview , a great source for understanding the new NOWNESS -music of gunter hampel, on the road since 1954 . you hear great new aspects about jazz and where it is going....2o1o-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15,95+mail-----------------------------------

birth DVD 1o1o31 HEAVEN+EARTH live at the WDR kl sendesaal köln germany GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim filmed by phunky child 2o1o--------"the best concert on the cologne jazz festival live taped by the radio    15,95€+mail--------------------------------------

birth DVD 1o1113 FRESH LOOK AT THE UNIVERSE GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim-prince alegs-bboy cemill a live documentation filmed by ruomi lee hampel and cavana lee hampel at the prätorius KREATIV preisverleihung der landesregierung niedersachsen kultur und wissenschaft , cultur +science, to GUNTER HAMPEL (72): interviews-soundcheck, preisverleihung, + concert on 1 DVDhannover lndes theater 8oo attending people , great video 2o1o----informativ words in german in deutsch 15,95€----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 1o1119 BRILLIANT+MAGICAL PERCEPTIONS -GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY in concert 2o1o live in munster i.d.heide during a 3 day workshop for children"we carry the gospel of jazz to the people "                         wonderfull      15,95 €-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

new 2o11 releases on DVD:

birth 2 DVD 11o4o2 OPEN DOOR TO GENTLENESS live at the jazzline jazz festival 2o11 in münchen GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET -" one of the highlights of the festival" jazzthetikgunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim 2o11---------------------------15,95 + mailing------------------------

birth 2 DVD 11o428 NATURAL SENSE OF DELIGHT GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live at the projekt theater during the DRESDENER TANZTAGE 2o11-gunter hampel-prince alegs-bboy cemill,johannes schleiermacher,andreas lang, bernd oezsevim.filmed by sebastian walther,yu can see it on VIMEO at www.gunterhampelmusic.de                                     15.95 €+mail------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 11o515 APPRECIATION GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET live at the GLADHOUSE"peitz remembert" filmed by Cavana Lee-Hampel COMPLETE PERFORMANCE hampel-schleiermacher-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim dm 2o11-----------------------------15,85 €+mailing------------------------

birth 2 DVD 11o516 THE MOMENT WE PLAY - GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET live at the famous b-flat jazzclub in BERLIN hampel -schleiermacher-lang-oezsevim filmed by Cavana Lee Hampel 2o11-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 11o516-3 "the third set -promotion DVD which can be ordered when yo want to book a live performance of the GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET mostly the 2nd set of the b flat performance

birth 4 DVDs 11o525 STEP BEYOND GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN QUARTET live at the THEATERKAPELLE IN BERLIN ; 2 DIFFERENT FILMY BY CAVANA LEE HAMPEL and RICHARD LENZof the same concert for only the price of 15,99 € genuine music as always 2o11-----------15,95€+mail----------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o618 BARE HANDS GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC +DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY "LIVE" at the insider theatre in friedrhichshain SUPAMOLLY hampel-schleiermacher-lang, andi haberl dmprince alegs,bboy cemill , filmed by richard lenz 2o11- back at the supermolly                 15,95 €------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o7o2 CONTACT GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live at neumühle walsdorf i d heide gunter hampel-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang -bernd oezsevim, prince alegs , bboy cemill , filmed by richard lenz 2o11--   15,95 €+mail----------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o7o8 TEXELFUN WITH HAN -GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY featuring HAN BENNINK DRUMS -GUNTER HAMPEL-CAVANA LEE HAMPEL- JOHANNES SCHLEIERMACHER-ANDREAS LANG-BERND OEZSEVIM-PRINCE ALEGS-BBOY CEMILL live at thetexel jazz festival , filmed by RICHARD LENZ 2o11------------------15,95 €+mailing------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o724 FRESH BREEZE -INSCRUTABILITY stage one under the farmhouse persian walnut tree GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK SEPTET featuring

gunter hampel-steve swell trombone-maya magdalena tanz-cavana lee hampel voice-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim drums recorded in pohrsdorf/dresden FILMED BY RICHARD LENZ 2o11------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 €+mail-------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o725 ERDLOCH/ EARTHHOLE -INSCRUTABILITY stage 2 Berlin downstairs in the cemetery chapelle GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK SEPTET featuring

gunter hampel-steve swell trombone-maya magdalena tanz-cavana lee hampel voice-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim drums recorded in FILMED BY RICHARD LENZ 2o11--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 € +mail------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o726 AUTHENTIC PRESENCE -INSCRUTABILITY stage 3 celebrating in the import export bar in munich, germany GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK SEPTET featuring

gunter hampel-steve swell trombone-maya magdalena tanz-cavana lee hampel voice-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim drums FILMED BY olga 2o11-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 €-------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 11o728 GENTLE JOY -INSCRUTABILITY stage 4 upstairs in the apex galery in Göttingen,germany GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK SEPTET featuring

gunter hampel-steve swell trombone-maya magdalena tanz-cavana lee hampel voice-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim drums ,olga guest voice , filmed by Necati Pala 2o11---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 €+mail-------------------------------------


2 sängerinnen, 1 opernsänger, violine ,3 tenorsaxophone, 2 altosax , 1 trompete 1 free style vocalist


composed ,instant conducted and played on the spot at the berlin-friedrichshain blockparty on the street !!

an amazing authentic creativ street-opera

GUNTER HAMPEL composer,instant conducting + composing,bassclarinet-cavana lee hampel-voice, natural voice, guenther stolarz opera voice,Yates Menda free style vocal,Johannes Schleiermacher ts, Soren Jagdhuhn ts, unknown ts, Karin Lemke as,Dirk Biherer tp,Stefan Ziemer bs,Michael T. Krause as, TT Geigenschrey violin, filmed by cavana + natural (they changed mikes+camera filming and singing)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95+mailing


gunter hampel vibraphone-bassclarinet-flute--cavana lee hampel voice- prince alegs dance live at the

free flow festival kassel at salzmann -1.smiling energy 2.who is controlling whom ? 3.godzilla or the last of a species. 4.unexpected april sun at west hudson new york 5.it never ends (blues) compositions by gunter hampel------------------------15,95 + mailing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

new 2o12 DVD releases

birth DVD 12o128 GUNTER HAMPEL-FAMILY TRIO live at the TRANSIENT MUSEUM at "freies museum" BERLIN cavana lee hampel voice-ruomi lee hampel dance-gunter hampel vibes-bcl-fl-+paintings oil on canvas----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15,95 + mailing


cavana lee hampel voc-ruomi lee hampel dance -johannes schleiermacher ts-mike majkowski bass-bernd oezsevim dm-gunter hampel vibes,bcl,fl -a live concert at the TRANSIENT MUSEUM exhibition

with GH's paintings and music---------------------------------------------------------------------15,95 +mailing------

birth 2 DVD 12o131 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK-AUSTRALIAN QUINTET - PERCEPTION at 227 -hamburg-altona/ - cavana lee hampel vocal-johannes schleiermacher ts, gunter hampel vibes,bcl,fl-mike majkowski bass- bermd oezsevim dm - filmed by ruomi lee hampel 2 amazing sets-------                                                                                                                          15,95 €+mailing

birth 2 DVD 12o2o1 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN_NEW YORK AUSTRALIAN QUINTET -SOMETHING LIVING-SOMETHING REAL cavana lee hampel voc-johannes schleiermacher ts-mike majkowski bass-bernd oezsevim d-gunter hampel vibes,bcl,fl 2 sets filmed by ruomi lee hampel------15,95 +mailing------------------


cavana lee hampel voc-johannes schleiermacher ts,bs-andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim dm-gunter hampel vibes-flute-bcl- compositions complete concert on 2 DVDs recorded live at the famous b-flat jazzclub in berlin german on march 11th, 2o12, filmed by                                       15.95+mailing


birth 2 DVD 12o51o GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN -NEW YORK QUINTET : TAKE THAT ! live at the APEX,Göttingen,Germany may 1oth, 2o12 cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher ts-alex morsey bass-bernd oezsevim dm-gunter hampel vibes-bcl-fl-compositions 2 DVD set ,filmed by necati pala

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15.95 +mailing--

birth DVD 12o525 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET : SYNCHRONIZED BRILLIANCE LIVE AT THE MOERS JAZZ FESTIVAL may 25 th , 2o12 ca 51,o4 minutes birth CD or DVD 12o525 synchronized brilliance

GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET gunter hampel composer,bandleader, vibes,bass clarinet,flute-

cavana lee hampel voice-johannes schleiermacher ts andreas lang bass-bernd oezsevim dm

turbulence/smiling energy/clean/2oo4/bounce/workout live at the MOERS jazzfestival , germany ,may 25 th,2o12

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————----------15.95 €+mailing 2€ germany 4 € international


-live-at fredener musiktage 2o12(festival of classical music) august 4th ,2o12 gunter hampel compositions + instant composing and conducting, vibraphone,bassclarinet,flute ,piano ,maya magdalena (ballet dancer),bboy cemill (himself)dancer,ruomi lee hampel(himself) dancer,cavana lee hampel voice,johannes schleiermacher ts,andreas lang b,bernd oezsevim dm

probably one of the very best performances this great music+dance company has ever given

turbulence/smiling energy ...etc. 2 DVD –complete performance FILMED BY THOMAS ADAMICKA                                                      15,95 €+mailing


birth 2 DVD 12o8o6 GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY : JOY +PLEASURE ENERGIE BEYOND AGGRESSION nightclub jazz show for earthlings in tune with the universal life force gunter hampel vibrafon, bassclarinet,flute,composer,instant composing + conducting, maya magdalena dance,ruomi lee hampel dance,cavana lee hampel voice, johannes schleiermacher ts, andreas langbass, bernd oezsevim dm, filmed by thomas adamicka + ruomi lee hampel,

live at the knochenbox at the grave side of the theaterkapella in berlin, friedrichshain ,germany, a very enthusiatic audience and a fresh ongoing sensational super performance , very alive !! fantastic !!!!!   do not miss out on this one                                                                                   15,95 €+mailing


birth DVD 12o811 GUNTER HAMPEL SOLO CONCERT „brandenburg concerto“ by gunter hampel VIBRAFON, BASSCLARINET, FLUTE solo pieces.live open air in beautiful brandenburg landscape.the latest solo performance accousticly taped ! recorded outside !!                              15,95 € + mailing


birth 2 DVD 1211o8 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET LIVE AT THE 3 RAUM THEATRE HANNOVER nov o8th 2o12 brandnew 2 sets, 2 DVDs -hampel-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim !!!!


birth DVD 1211o9 GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET balanced live at the jazzinstitut DARMSTADT the 1.set of nov o9, 2o12 .----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gunter hampel vibes, bcl, fl -cavana lee hampel voice -johannes schleiermacher tenorsax -andreas lang bass -bernd oezsevim drums-——— 15.95+ mailing——————————————————————————------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 1211o9 JAZZTALK Gunter Hampel 1 hour talk (in german language ) with wolfram knauer :topics „hans werner henze,the gunter hampel life etc.. a very enlightning live talk from one who changed the pace of the music in the 2oth and 21 st century , a must ! at the jazzinstitut in Darmstadt,germany, november 9th, 2o12-----------in german language  in deutsch  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------15,95 + mailing----------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVD 13o121 APPROACHABLE GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN NEW YORK QUINTET +DANCERS at famous b-flat in berlin , january 21, 2o13 : gunter hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim-cavana lee-hampel- ruomi lee hampel- maya magdalena a 2 DVD set-brandnew release on DVDs 15,95 €

birth DVD oder CD 13o5o4 COMPLETELY OPEN GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO - may 4th, 2o13 live at the schloß in Celle,Germany ,gunter hampel vibes,bcl.fl, -johannes schleiermacher ts-bernd oezsevim dm  a great performance at the celler schloss ,filmed by benedikt huebner      15,95 +mail

birth DVD 13o81o live at the hofgarten ! in Düsseldorf 1ooo people in the audience ! august 1oth, 2o13 ,many clips on youtube were put by entusiatic audience-a agnificiant performance GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO gunter hampel vibes,bcl,fl johannes schleiermacher ts bernd oezsevim dm, filmed by funky child LST,see clips on facebook                                                            15,95 €+mailing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth 2 DVD 13o921 live at the free flow festival in kassel 2o13 GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-cavana lee hampel-magdalenn dzeco dance,julius gabriel saxophone,karl degenhardt drums     2DVD 15,95 +mailing 2 € in germany 4€ international------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET gunter hampel-cavna lee hampel -johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim -September 26 st  2set DVD 15,99 +mailing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ birth 2DVD  131oo4+131oo5 AUTHENTIC PRESENCE GUNTER HAMPEL GERMAN TRIO "MAGIC TOUCH" + DANILO CARDOSO dancer from rio de janeiro - introducing  a new band and a new dancer (julius gabriel tenor+bariton+sopranosax + karl degenhardt drums+ a formidable dancer. as it turned out DANILO CARDOSO is on the upcoming DVDs and has cut up to date with Gunter Hampel many many DVDs as witness of their incredible music and dance relationship. here it all began. in a piano repair loft in ESSEN and we have even the very 1.rehearsal , the first meeting  on DVD 131oo4 for you included with their first performance on DVD 13oo5 !  flying high in free flow and stomping rhythms germany,4€ internatonal------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth 2 DVDs 131o18 RECONNECTION TO THE NOWNESS OF REALITY  GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live at the JZ-STRIKER in Bielefeld during their stay for a 3 day children workshop. with the dancers: DANILO CARDOSO,PRINCE ALEGS,MAGDALENA DZECO + the musicians GUNTER HAMPEL-JOHANNES SCHLEIERMACHER-CAVANA LEE HAMPEL-BERND OEZSEVIM in an mutual understanding of being on the road for 13 years + the new energy of Danilo making this concert another high point of the company's high energetic creative togetherness under the instant magic of instant composer and arranger of Gunter... do not miss this one    15,95 +mailing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth DVD 121o2o JOURNEY TO THE WISDOM OF THE COSMIC MIRROR  GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY with the participants of the 3 days workshops for children-youth  and grown ups -a live concert with the unleashed power of improvisation and the magic touch of the companie's power to share their knowledge with the students to perform together this powerfull and marvellous intensive powerplay.! a master achievement after doing 42 years of childrenworkshops and the company's intuitive and sharing way of teaching the power of jazz-improvisation and using the inner creative magic of each participant being a part of the family !        15,95 €+ mailing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth 2 DVD 1312o8 NOWNESS-THE SPACE PLACE  GUNTER HAMPEL GERMAN TRIO MAGIC TOUCH +DANILO CARDOSO dancer. gunter hampel vibes,piano,bassclarinet,flute-julius gabriel tenor-baritonsax,karl degenhardt drums. incredible creative interacting of improvised dance by danilo and gunter and the band and the music .Danilo turnt everyone in the room on ! and had the audience dancing with the band.you've got to see this in order to believe it !as always: a one of a kind performance. 15.95€+mailing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth 2 DVDs 131211  1+2 GUNDAN synchronized real love- a special duo piece from a concert in Bochum, one piece from a rehearsal from the new concepted childrenworkshop in bielefeld and further excerpts featuring the ingenious interplay of danilo cardoso, dancer from rio de janeiro,brazil ,and gunter on flute, bassclarinet and vibrafon. a sampler of men at work forming the next generation of things to come.15.95 €-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth 2 DVD 14o13o RESURRECTION-AUFERSTEHUNG-GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live at the GUNTER HAMPEL FESTSPIELE 2o14 live at the waldorf schule in Göttingen.hampel,johannes schleiermacher -bernd oezsevim-cavana lee hampel-danilo cardoso-prince alegs-magdalena dzeco.see recnsion at www.gunterhampelmusic.de  "fantastic"   15,95 €+ mailing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth 2 DVD 14o131 "TODAY I FOUND BRAZIL IN GUNTER, INDIO BRAZIL" GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live at the GUNTER HAMPEL FESTSPIELE 2o14 in GÖTTINGEN und KASSEL at the panoptikum in kassel same personal as in 1413o        15,95 € + mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth DVD 14o215 SIMBIOTIC KEYHOLDERS -the GUNTER HAMPEL -DANILO CARDOSO DUO "live at the AVANTGARDE JAZZ FESTIVAL KULTURPALAST HANNOVER , February 15th 2o14. 2 giants of music and dance, one a world wide celebrated jazz icon, original instant composer and improvisor- the other a most gifted youngster, but extremely gifted dancer and choreograph from rio de janeiro have found each other to create extraordinary+farseeing music+dance related works together. their ensemble creations on birth records DVDs spans already a list of exciting 14 ! this is their first DUO performance and already a treasure of personal achievements and pleasure which is far beyond anything anywhere in time and space created before in music and dance ."                                                         15,95€+mailing-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------birth DVD 14o3o9 WAS DU WILLST, WILL AUCH DICH ! - THE GUNTER HAMPEL-DANILO CARDOSO DUO live at the ORT,wuppertal march 9th 2o14 .their DUO performance had been part of their children and student workshop during -spring vibes- filmed by Jörg Brücker."the worlds new leading music and dance improvisation experts"                                                                               10€+ mailing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- birth 2 DVD 14o31o     RELATIONSHIPS IN LIFE -MUSIC-AND DANCE the GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATIONN COMPANY live at the GUNTER HAMPEL BERLINN FESTSPIELE 2o14  at the famous b-flat jazzclub  hampel-cardoso-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-bernd oezsevim                                                                                                             15,95+mailing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       birth 2 DVD or 2 CD 14o311 FUKUSHIMA -the GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY live at the museum"story of berlin",kurfürstendamm,march 11 th,2o14, the second day of the GUNTER HAMPEL BERLIN FESTSPIELE 2o14 -hampel-danilo cardoso-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-bernd oezsevim  -further informations on www.gunterhampelmusic.de           15,95 €+ mailing--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- birth 2 DVD / 2 CD 14o312  1+2 PSYCHEDELIC LULLABY FOR ARTIFICIAL BABIES -the GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATIONN COMPANY live at the GUNTER HAMPEL BERLIN FESTSPIELE 2o14 at the villa kuriosum, march 12 th, 2o14. gunter hampel-danilo cardoso-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-bernd oezsevim filmed by ruomi lee hampel + sergej miller  more infos at www.gunterhampelmusic.de    2  DVDs or 2 CDs each 15.95 € + mailing 2€ germany-4€ international---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

birth DVD 14o6o2 IT NEVER ENDS /GUNTER HAMPEL SOLO vibrafon,flute,bassclarinet-live + MAGIC TOUCH 17 minutes a dynamite improvisation with dancers and choreographers DANILO CARDOSO +YVES YTIER from brasil and chile - a rare documentation from June 2o14 !brandnew -filmed by dancemaster TIM !1 DVD 1o € + 2 € mailing germny,4 € mailing international


birth DVD 14o711 LET MY CHILDREN PLAY CREATIVE MUSIC.........GUNTER HAMPEL-DANILO CARDOSO-the magic DUO music+dance masters live at a workshop concert in wuppertal.,Bergische music-schhool,.presenting their fabulous moving artistry as the most amazing music and dance partners alive in DUO and in performance with their students after a 4 day workshop.filmed by dance master TIM


birth DVD 14o717 TRANSMEDIALE MAGIE..........GUNTER HAMPEL GERMAN TRIO MAGIC TOUCH+DANCE MASTER DANILO CARDOSO-brasilian new dance sensation with the magic touch german trio :live-at the rottstrasse kunsthalls in Bochum,Germany a fabulous live-performance. their improvisational mastery makes each new performane a magical new created piece of music as well as a new music+dance event - a new concert a new film- a completely new ballgame-representing life as a growing experience with new horizons every second of each of our lives ! warning- this is not a commercial product !his is an eternal document of growing and alive artistry only the best jazz artists ,musicians as well as jazzdancers can produce. this is jazz-alive in a new magic mirror , a moments notice of sheer beauty and togetherness, only a team up like these creaive old and young masters can deliver , who already work one whole year together-teamwork with the same personel, new fresh and authentic-like all the things which are presented on birth records which is presenting the music of gunter hampel- probably one of the last labels still alive presenting th music of gunter hampel.

-------------------------------------------only 15.95 €+mailing 2€ in germany +4€ international-to some countries we only mail with handsigned signature documentation, which varies between additional 4 to 6 € (southamerika-africa-italy etc.) per mailing


birth 2 DVD 14o719  -eternal love -gunter hampel-danilo cardoso duo live at APEX göttingen,, July 19th,2o14 "breathtaking-atemberaubend wrote the göttinger tageblatt-you have never before heard or seen anything like this ! or you ever will hear or see this again, except on these 2 DVDs ,filmed by necati pala. see complete review of concert on www.gunterhampelmusic.de under new releases. keep yourself informed also on facebook and watch our stuff on youtube. support. this is a most creative-must have-extra dose of sunshine  for your life !

15,99 € + 2 € mailing in germany ,+4 € mailing  international only for 2 DVDs you have never before heard or seen anything like this !!!!!!!


birth DVD 14o72o rejuvenation gunter hampel-danilo cardoso DUO + marina klein "live" at the kunsthochschule in kassel..the works and journey of these 2 protagonist keeps on growing day by day , enlarging the repertoire and possibilities of creative response and teamlike cooperation of creative artists for now and the future to come.highly recommended !  15,99 € + 2 € mailing in germany-4 € mailing international


birth 2 DVD 14o8o3 affirmation GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY "live at the saxstall in pohrsdorf-germany  the newest strike of new developments and creative inventions-the flow of evolution is most evident in hampel`s music throughout his carrier : 2 drummers (and they listen and harmonize that it is a joy alone to hear and see them)-1 voice (and Cavana Lee Hampel in continuing where her mother Jeanne Lee started)-one saxophone and he is now with gunter since 14 years !-and one dancer :Magdalena Dzeco is a joy to watch while the music flows through her gracefull and energetic movements-well and one vibrafonist,pianist,bassclarinetist,flutist,pianist,balafonist,instant composer,instant conductor who is also a joy to listen to and watch.this is one of the most convincing energetic constantly creative ,together harmonizing CREATIVE LIVE ENSEMBLE which leaves you breathless -everytime you listen or watch this 2 DVDS you hear something else, this is one concert you want to hear over and over again, like all of gunter hampels CDs,LPs,DVDs ,his timeless music is a conctant energy source for your body and spirit.

gunter hampel-cavana lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher--verbd oezsevim drums,karl daegenhardt drums, magdalena dzeco dance

15,99 € for 2 DVDs ! + 2 € mailing in germany,4€ mailing international


more to come !!! as we continue.watch on facebook our tour lists announcements! + on www.gunterhampelmusic.de, + youtibe


we are currently also selling via mailorder an impressive list of the GUNTER HAMPEL LP-CD-DVD-VIDEO PRIVAT COLLECTION:since 1953 gunter hampel has been buying and collecting jazz-new music-contemporary-psychedelics-whatever. we are currently making a list for the sale items. if you are interested, we can send you the list of what we have scanned until now. please send email: gunthampel@aol.com


                                                                       * * * *

1972 gunter hampel developed and created by the invitation of the german government's cultural division in the german capital Bonn his unique modern education device of a 3-1o days teaching tool, a workshop in which students learn how to improvise from solo-duo up to large group ensembles improvisations,using a basketball and conversation-like musical phrases, like he has developed it over the 55 years of his amazing carreer with the best jazzimprovisors in the world wide jazz communities in europe and the usa. he is now capable of teaching groups with the support of his MUSIC * DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY of 45,or even 3oo at a time. he recently had in the netherlands on the island texel 15oo children within one week ! his joyous teaching makes the children aware of the immense power and joy it makes to learn teamwork and respect in the group in playing  musical instruments as well as to move the body to produce movements and enjoy music making.




WITH CHILDREN 5-13 - 12-18 18+ = grown ups

after a 3 day workshop - final presentations

birth o111o7 live concert with children at the LEIPZIG OPERA HOUSE 2oo1, nov 7th,after a 3 days workshop GUNTER HAMPEL + -NEXT GENERATION gunter hampel-ali beierbach-clemens orth-jaro-gerrit juhnke-prince alegs-ruomi lee hampel-funky child - a live performance from the stage of the leipzig opera

with their lightning .the children present a lively attitude of learning and playing and share their improvisational skills and interplay you will never have seen anything like this in your life before. we do these exceptional workshops 3 days for children from 5-13 , or 12-18 , or 18 + , do one concert with the band during this period in your hometown and as the final highlight we do a concert with the children together. thus presenting the education and knowledge we have left for them here. something which will change their lives forever. filmed by markus

birth o8o525 VOM SPIEL ZUR IMPROVISATION 2oo8 live concert mit kindern in Großburgwedel 5-13 jahre filmed by sebastian walther. nac enem 3 tage währenden intensiven workshop treten die kinder gemeinsam mit der GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY in einem abschlußkonzert auf und zeigen ihren eltern und mitbürgern, wie sie mit großer freude das improvisieren gelernt haben, wie wir jazzmusiker das weltweit seit über hundert jahren von generation zu generation weitergeben. sehen Sie wie die kinder vor begeisterung voll dabei sind

birth 1oo9o5 kinderworkshop-final concert burgwedel 2o1o live at the AMTSHAUS sept 5th,GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY gunter hampel-prince alegs-bboy cemill-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang-bernd oezsevim, filmed by herr gresbrand

birth DVD 1o1121 INTIMATE CONNECTION TO REALITY -GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY + 45 CHILDREN IN CONCERT with THE CHILDREN PLAYING AND PERFORMING in fron of a live audience their brothers and sisters and their parents. a heartbraking and creative and brilliant presentation of what impulses the band was able to give them for their own development snd hasving fun,doing it, being creative ! gunter does these workshops since 1972 and he has introduced the technics of jazz improvisations for society needs fo communikation and spiritual growth .

birth DVD 11o618 RECLAIMING children workshop -final concert at the lohmühle n berlin after a 2 days workshop at the grundschule in der wuhlheide.officially they do not have any music education anymore at their schools !!!what a shame.help us to survive with our documentations of human creativity. buy or/and donate or book us GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY

birth DVD 11o71o GIVING children workshop on texel-island of the netherlands after a 3 days workshop we performed this excellent concert with children who already had privat lessons of music education by their parents.GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC*DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY educational workshops for all ages 5-13, or 12-18 or 18 +

birth DVD 12o719 CHILDREN WORK SHOP CONCERT a new spontaneous teach and perform 2 hour concept with 3oo children from july 17 th ,2o12. besides our profound 3 days teaching workshops I created a 2 hour spontaneous taking part and learn and have fun in learning workshop concert. my crew with the MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY -prince alegs-bboy cemill-cavana lee hampel-ruomi lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher-andreas lang and bernd oezsevim - met in a gym with 3oo children to learn first steps in playing percussions, vibrafon, learn the rudiments of break and free dancing and use these in easy confrontations and dialogs in single or in collective groupings. the rhythms and melodic interplay with musical improvisational dialogs and collective - like in my international bandsbeing used since more that 55 years ! were put to use and transfered to the participants, who had, as you can see in this excellent DVD filming by thomas adamicka the FUN OF THEIR LIVES to be involved in playing, like only we jazzmusicinas can do : improvise on the spot, with what you have learned and in doing it starting to be creative inventing spontaneous and coint on the interplay of the other children and grown ups ! a most fun-tastic experience -the crown jewel of all of our 42 years of childrenworkshops.-a dream come true ! a must for everyone who is working in education. children or youth or grown ups. this is a most contemporary educational tool for 2o12 needs !!!!!! birth DVD 12o719 ony 15.99 € + 2 € mailing in germany and 4 € international !


in buying our CDs-LPs-DVDs you get creativity and inspiration into your house for you and your family.and support our activities to help us and your children to survive in these societies.

needless to mention , that each of these LPs-CDs-DVDs are highly recommended highlights , carefully selected to be published and recieve highest praises by anyone , musicians, fans, critics and are of that leading quality for which the music of gunter hampel has been established over the last 6o years , an ongoing quest of exploration and discovering new material for the improvising jazzgroups of any size, from solo to big band and beyond. each team, each band presented here are incredibly talented masters of music, dance and vocal and are listed in the forefront of the jazz and new music movement , explorers capable to work as soloists and in the great collective playing, which is the highest music known to us.


if you have children , this is a must for their and yours education !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

contacts for purchasing and for booking the bands:

birth records-the music of gunter hampel

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GUNTER HAMPEL s CDs-DVDs-LPs und seine Bilder (öl auf leinwand) sind neben den schöpfungen einer zeitlosen kunst auch geldanlagen und rendite , deren wert ständig steigt.

rufen Sie uns an, wir beraten Sie

next to his musical works gunter hampel has created a gallery of about 3oo of his paintings in oil on canvas. since 1958 mr hampel has beenn painting, making exhibitions (where he also is playing live music !)and selling his oil on canvas paintings , all over the world.at the guggenheim museum in new york,in galleries, and at performance places inn and around of new york, presenting at van Gogh museum in amsterdam, or at the BAYER leverkusen Gallery, in Hamburg,in Berlin at the academy of the arts and many others,Braunschweig, Hannover,Göttingen,Frankfurt,Köln,

check also on www.gunterhampelmusic.de/paintings

you can book an exhibition and have hampel s live band performing at the opening ! or any other variations


many projects, from solo,duo,trio,4,5,6,7,8,9, to bigband

performances ,workshops for your big band, or children, or youth or grown ups - all can be combined for multi appearances. like one week of cultural happenings, we did that at the MOERS jazz festival, or in Göttingen, or Hamburg 2 weeks and 4 concerts at Kampnagel,

viele projekte stehen zur veröffentlichung bereit, CDs,DVDs,ausstellungen und konzerte

buchen Sie die top bands von GUNTER HAMPEL für konzerte, festivals, etc.

GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVSATION COMPANY with gunter hampel-cavana lee hampel-ruomi lee hampel-johannes schleiermacher,bernd oezsevim, andreas lang, danilo cardoso, prince alegs, magdalena dzeco etc.


GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN TRIO with johannes schleiermacher-bernd oeczevim

GUNTER HAMPEL GERMAN TRIO julius gabriel-karl degenhard

gunter hampel solo, DUO with danilov cardoso

                                             johannes schleiermacher

                                             cavana lee hampel     etc..

workshops in combination with concerts for big band ,orchestra

                                      children 5-13,youth 12-18,grown ups 18+ etc. call us and we will help you with your programming festivals and cutural events, clubs etc...

seit 1958 auf tour around the world


ausstellungen seiner ölbilder

z zt at schallplanet , in berlin-friedrichshain, bockenheimer str , gegenüber der theaterkapelle