Gunter Hampel vibrafon-bassclarinet-flute-piano/Johannes Schleiermacher ts,as,bs,flute/ Bernd Oezsevim dm work also as a trio -founded in the year 2oo2-you can follow their incredible carriere as most of their concerts have been documented on birth records CDs and DVDs (see birth-complete catalog). since 2oo8 danish bassplayer Andreas Lang is completing the  European Quartet and since 2 years the daughter of Gunter Hampel and the jazzsinger icone Jeanne Lee , Cavana-Lee-Hampel is completing the GUNTER HAMPEL EUROPEAN-NEW YORK QUINTET into a most powerfull and creative ensemble which is appearing on major jazz and music festivals as well as a jazz nightclub attraction of highest caliber. see and hear their performances on birth CDs and DVDs.

this dynamite ensemble is also the music back bone of the GUNTER HAMPEL MUSIC+DANCE IMPROVISATION COMPANY

booking by mailing us an email to

or call +49 o177 26 28 o12

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