pharao sanders and gunter hampel + sunny sharrock 1968 at the free jazz meeting at the now called  quasimodo. famous session ,lasted 2 and a half hours, if you are lucky you can find a download of a witness who taped it….on the internet

next gunter s down town nyc apmnt, this room saw almost the entire jazz avantgarde of new york, where hampel held his rehearsals: don cherry-jeanne lee-steve mc call, marion brown,art jenkins,billy bang,archie shepp,sunny murray,leo smith,perry robinson,mark whitecage,toni marcus,shaun vargas,thomas keyserling,ed blackwell,frank wright,anthony braxton,enrico rava,daniel carter,jack gregg,allan praskin,jimmy hendrix,jaco pastorius,steve swell,marvin smitty smith,marvin boubalou smith,bob stewart,bob hanlon,lucky ennet,bill frisell,,andrew cyrille,david murray,jimmy lyons,sam rivers,…………………………………………

birthday celebration 77 at badehaus-berlin on a double DVDfaltcover 14o72o rejuvenating- lecture 1 makrobioticsteve mc call drums from a 1983 concert20140815000615(49)get-attachment (1)pics gunter pics gunter blue not pais 1966  schukastenode to MB page 1-  birth o37 gemini CD  brochure front and back photo marion brownFam-HampelWS-20110402-DSCF1810.jpg mü 8 vibesBasketball4TG46Göttingen1957GunterHampel_(C)_Wolfgang_Beisertender california 1Pruomi + abdullaberlin 11o8alles gute 121217 gladbeckWS-20110402-DSCF1766-2.jpg mü 2o11 b+white 1you can enlarge each pho to or entry by clicking on it !


131018 concert new designgunt+billy bang -charly parker house in nycduetIMG_0970[1]

131oo5 essen werden 1 2 3 .pub131oo4 rehearsal. 2 pubHampel000_IMG_3011danilo smile  3220JeanneLeeDoelen31031967E582810_101011170050107_17386028_n.jpg alegs u gu in hannover verleihung creativ4742687635               cavan a pic   gunt 3oo dpi nyc rooftop wolfgang kopetsch

IMG_5038peter gunter don cherry  evan parker  swf sessionjeanne thomas sibiu 3oo dpi

Robinson,Perry-Lee,Jeanee-B1978a---Kumpfgu u perry contrabassclarinet nyc 1972 3oo dpiperry marion thomas 1983 berlinHampel220px-Solar_sys8anth+gu 69gu + monk pics guntergu u jeanne  east berlin 1980  60924_386138341479821_417685441_nJpeg000_IMG_3011

IMG_4859 IMG_4953 IMG_4870 IMG_4869 IMG_4857 IMG_4816 IMG_4815

cavana w mam and pa contactconcerts graz austria Svalbard1991Umtrage1kiez fiesta  beat box jam pics stephanjeann gunter 198o east berlin festival picgu + monk pics gunteranth+gu 69

gu + kenny clarke 1966 pics gunter

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