my paintings are for sale , or exhibitions- at exhibitions i perform at the day of the opening my music with my bands, any size. send me an email : for details.paintings are in oil on canvas – all different sizes and painted all over the world, europe usa etc. you can click on any painting and it will enlarge so you have a better view.enjoy

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Gunter Hampel’s INSCAPES (paintings in oil on canvas) are visionairy meditation fields in which each onlooker is arranging the picture according to his or her inner landscape which depends on the content of each’s mood,fantasy and personality ,wit and imagination. they have the same magic touch as his music which allows each listener to hear or see another film on his or her inner substance, be it feelings or brain or whatever each of us has going on inside. so music and paintings are human or universal, or whatever the listener or onlooker can reflect , when he is surrounded or exposed to both. Gunter Hampel is performing and painting since around 1954. so generations after generations of young and old find themselves reflected or turned on by his concerts, exhibitions, or DVDs or LPs or CDs. since almost 6o years Gunter Hampel is educating and entertaining and his products have been changing many peoples lives and giving substance. you have the choice.

as a producer you can book an exhibition + a music performance at the opening.exhibitions +concerts had been at the

academy of the arts in berlin, akademie der künste in berlin                            guggenheimmuseum in new york,                                                                                              fountain new york,                                                                                                                 stedelijk museum amsterdam,                                                                                              greece-jugoslavia,rumania,israel multimedia performances with jeanne lee+thomas keyserli new york cable tv-new york academie of the arts-mamhattan healing arts center-esthert rand gallery-thompson square parklibrary(next to charly parkers living place)-gallery apex göttingen-new york art school 8 street-troisdorf bürgerhaus-koblenz kulturfabrik-rondel düsseldorf-alter weserhof galerie bevern-emerging collector new york,staatstheater kassel-neither nor new york-kulturfabrik salzmann kassel-arts expo new york-211E11 exhibition in new york-galerie ruhrbach  obernburg-galerie am werk bayer +leverkusener jazztage-stadthalle bad homburg-die pumpe exhibition+concert kiel-studio haus schoenblick heimbach-lkh exhibition + concert göttingen-kunstverein harburger bahnhof+concert-hans lilje haus hannover-galerie braunschweig-galerie alte feuerwache göttingen-etc…..

“German born painter (and original composer) GUNTER HAMPEL COMES OUT OF THE TRADITION OF ORIGINAL PAINTERS WHO FOCUS THEIR WORK INTO OR OUT OF THEIR LIFE-EXPERIENCES. There is no category or school he can be thrown in.

he developed his own technic (he studied architecture at the university in braunschweig) and personal way of using colors (oil).

the longer you look at his works, the more they unfold into scenes of nature and people,landscapes and activities of everyday and dreamlife.        he has absorbed the achievements of the influences he names  :

Rembrand,Hyronimus Bosch,van Gogh,F.Mark,Ernst Klee,Picasso,Chagall,Nolde etc and delivers a sensitive eye-experiencem which invites the onlooker to participate. He has achieved something which is very rare and specifies the highest category: THOUGH HE HAS PAINTED A VERY DEFINITE SCENE, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT EVERYONE SEES A DIFFERENT PICTURE, WHO LOOKS AT THEM,DEPENDING ON HIS OR HER LIFE-EXPERIENCE. Joe Access

contact for buyers, bookings exhibitions,combinations of exhibition+ concert  and concerts :  +49 0177 26 28 012


000_excerpt from painting

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Grafik1.png inscape 2oo8


berlin pic

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flock of birds paintg



12o618 cover  exhibition INSCAPES


hamburg exhibition + concert +dance

2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Mina

    Hi Gunther!
    Toll das du mir ne mail gesendet hast Danke!
    Das Bild unter dem runden wo inscape drunter steht,
    das dadrunter, wo danach ein text folgt, das find ich
    am allerbesten!!! Haste da schon n Titel für?
    Also, ich würd es >happy way to heaven nennen.<
    Das leuchtet und ist erleuchtend, , mit Leichtigkeit
    und viel Freude, ganz ohne Sorge und Angst.
    Megasuperklasse!!! Ein paar andere gefallen mir auch,
    aber das schöne lichte am besten. Wie groß is das ca?
    Also am 31.8. biste erst wieder in Berlin? zum Geburtstag feieren?
    Oder wann jeden Donnerstag spielste wo in Berlin bitte?
    Sag mal durch wenn geht. Grüß mir die Töne und hoffentlich
    kann ich dich bald in Berlin trällern hören!!
    Herzliche Grüße Mina

  2. Tilo Plan Israel

    lieber gunter hampel,
    heute will ich dir endlich die Ausstellungsdaten für die Ausstellung in Sassnitz bekanntgeben.
    Ich habe mich nun für den 5.september entschieden , da dann auch viele an kunst-und kultur interessierte menschen auf der insel urlaub machen.
    die bilder würde ich dann wie besprochen mit Jogi aus berlin direkt abholen und nach sassnitz bringen. ich werde dich mit flyern plakaten , pressemiteilungen ankündigen und die ganze Ausstellungszeit promoten. ( 5.sept. bis 12.oktober )
    eine vorankündigung findest du schon unter KulturBar auf:

    ich würde mich freuen , wenn es dir zusagt! und hoffe es passt dir nun auch terminlich. alles weitere besprechen& beschreiben wir dann via e-mail oder telefon.

    intergalaktische & sonnige küstengrüße,
    sendet dir tilo aus sassnitz

    Rosa Luxemburg Str.2
    18546 Sassnitz

    büro:     0176-96028994
    mobil :   +49 1575-6 72 85 05
    Hafenstr.12, 18546 Sassnitz


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