hi. i am putting some new compositions here, so, if you are a musician you might have fun,playing them. i have around 3ooo of those, a work of a lifetime. lead sheets, like you are used to find in the books of jazz standards. you are invited to play them as standards. play the song and then play over the changes, i mean improvise and make up your own phrasings, counter melodies, find new changes , be inventive with them. once you know or like the tune, you can use my tunes to virtually tune you guys IN. i mean each of my songs have an inner truth,an inner core , a feeling, a reality. a spiritual foundation. once your band has found the unity in themselves to which each of my tunes leads, you can leave the bars the structure and play that inner energy, the syntax in a free-er way, emerge with new rhythms, or floating, or play in a dialog without the steady beat, dig in and let yourself , alone or in unity with the other players reach  to the other sources which are behind, inside the tune, once you opened the door to the inner secrets you know what to do, just continue and reach out , or reach in. listen to how my bands are doing this on my CDs, or even better watch our DVDs from our live-concerts. they are the teaching devices, i have been documenting just for you, so you can learn how to reach your spirit or soul to be part of your improvisations. so your playing will reach more authentic depth.  you also will find out that the TEAMWORK in your band is the secret, you have to work most definite on that one. do sports together, go to the movies together, talk with each other, travel together, build up friendships, do not drink or take drugs . enjoy life in playing improvised music , jazz and improvisations need body and soul to be involved and you will become a profound player and person, and your band will grow together, and then the fun really starts. you will become a unit etc…

if you have further questions or need other compositions send me an email.


if you play my tunes in public or record them ,make shure to fill out the GEMA list .all compositions are copyright by gunter hampel GEMA


when we did our exciting duo concert in hannover, (birth DVD 14o215 symbiotic keyholders with the amazing DANILO CARDOSO there came a couple of young musicians and were asking me to put more of my music sheets HERE. when i played the tune MAGIC TOUCH on the flute they were humming it in the concert. that feeled very good.they told me they were playing these tunes, so i will put on more of my new tunes here for you to play ! i also have big band charts, and a whole band book of my current groups and ALL the charts from my recordings !!!! thanks for playing my tunes, i am composing them for YOU !! G.


1358 c-voice -  mindfulness1363  you !1362  KNOWIG THAT YOU'RE THERE136o DANILO  2 Bb voices  2 li


136o DANILO  slow waltz C 2 voices


1361 magic touch   c voice


1361 magic touch   c voice




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